Machine Learning with a beautiful UI for Customer Interaction Data.
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Our Features

Machine Learning

Our all-MIT team is constantly improving the analytics engine to help you better understand every customer interaction.


Instantly deploy our capabilities on and Zendesk with a single click. Integrates with existing workflows seamlessly. It just works!


Our distributed clusters can handle massive amounts of streaming data in real time.


Simple, beautiful and easy interface to gain actionable insights

Customer Support

We are here for you 24/7.

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Our app seamlessly hooks into numerous information channels such as web chat, voice transcripts, emails, social media (facebook, twitter, g+), public web (Amazon, Yelp, blogs, articles).
Create and share customized insight reports accross your organization. Push valuable customer information into sales, product development and marketing funnels.
Easy REST API for developers

NodeSpan Solutions

Disrupting Enterprise Decision Making

We are passionate about helping companies become customer-centric by developing the best in machine learning.
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We are in private beta stage and have limited sign ups. If you are a company looking to gain actionable insight from your customer interaction data and make customer conversations more intelligent, let us know and we would love to get in touch!

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